Friday, November 8, 2013

The Pieces Make the Whole

I am continually amazed at how the simple everyday things can bring moments of clarity. Often it is in the seemingly mundane, the stuff we take for granted, the things we experience daily that bring the unexpected “AHA!” I experienced one of these moments just the other day. 
I was inexplicably staring at the tiles in the shower when I had it – the “AHA!” Something about the way the pieces on the wall fit together reminded me that our lives are just so – the pieces that make up one’s life are the relationships that have come together, have converged, to make us who we are. We are the masons working the tiles that are our story. We fit them together, put them together and choose the specific players who influence our lives and become a part of our selves, a part of our makeup, a part that makes us whole and makes us unique.

Naturally, some of the pieces are far more beautiful than others. Some are large and occupy great space while others simply fragments and filler.  Sometimes we come across an unexpected piece and try it on for size. Sometimes it fits. But sometimes, it simply doesn’t. That’s part of the process. But just as each tile is important and necessary to complete the wall, each person is pivitol in contributing to the person that we become. And like the unusual yet logical pattern of the wall, we too are unusual yet logical.

I ran my fingertips to trace the varied pieces and smiled. For not unlike this tile wall with the seemingly independent pieces working together to make a thing of beauty, we too are made up of the pieces that makes each of us who we are. It is what makes us, well, us: made up of many parts and pieces, but so very unique and like no other.

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