Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life: Live it - Imperfectly

In a perfect word, you would meet the perfect mate, you’d have perfect dates, of course have perfect sex, you'd communicate quite perfectly and live a very blissful, perfect life. Now that you have finished laughing your head off, think about this – perfection aside from being obviously unattainable, would be, in a word, boring. The whole point of life is that while on our quest for impossible perfection, we are meant to experience the awkwardness of meeting perfect strangers, the craziness of dating, the occasional “what was I thinking?” sex, and the comedic miscommunication of what may have been a very significant moment.  
Life's truth is that it is imperfect, mistakes are supposed to happen and we are meant to experience it in just that way. The rules are a bit "let's make it up as we go" and you have to dodge the curve balls, and feel the bumps that inevitably come your way. This is what life is made of. This is the stuff of living. Sure, there are glimpses of perfection: an amazing kiss, the full moon illuminating the ocean, the warmth of someone’s hand, the quiet of the morning, the brilliance of the stars.  But there’s something about the insanity of it - the rush of the unknown, the adrenaline of excitement, the breathlessness of possibility. Life is not perfect. It is not meant to be perfect. It's messy and chaotic. But, if you think about it, isn't life with all it's imperfections, really the best way to live?  Perhaps that's the perfection of it. Maybe, just maybe, it's in the acceptance of the imperfect that we finally attain life's perfection.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I came across an interesting read about love and how it just is. Not unlike the movie that states, Love actually is all around, the author points out how love is not about excuses or uncertainty but instead is about what is. When someone loves you, there is no question. You know it. You feel it. They find ways to be with you because they want it. Your presence in their life makes their life better. They are the best version of themselves when you are with them. You feed their mind, their heart and their soul. It is a feeling that transcends all boundaries. Love is not supposed to be filled with angst. It is not a game or a puzzle to be mastered or figured out. When someone loves you, you are still and confident in the knowing that they do, without question, without hesitation, without thought. The important thing to remember then as we allow those who say but do not show that they love us is this: “love simply is. And you have to let it be, or not be, naturally.”

Inspired by Thought Catalog – What People Do When They Don’t Really Love You by Brianna Wiest

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let go of what's holding you back

Have you ever noticed that there are people in our lives that hold you back? Like the slow moving vehicle barely driving the speed limit in the fast lane, they comfortably and often obliviously keep us from getting where we’re going. It can be a friend, a family member, a romantic interest. Sometimes it’s obvious: the naysayers, the doom and gloom crowd, or the glass half empty people. But what about those that don’t fit into those categories yet still manage to take steam from our otherwise perfect run?  On the highway of life, why is it that we allow ourselves to coast with the pack instead of passing some people up?

Life presents too many obstacles and challenges to allow other people to hold you back. Instead of following blindly and keeping up with traffic, it’s better to assess and act, carefully but definitively, to go down your own road and live your own adventure. Not everyone we encounter is meant to have a permanent place in your life. Sometimes it’s better to let people go or simply pass them up. Truly at some point, a time will come when you find that comfortable speed and the smooth road that will lead to inner peace.

inspired by Morning Minute, Episode 62 with Pastor Jason Cullum of Christ's Church, Jacksonville, FL
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