Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Explore the Rapids

I always hear about how relationships throughout their course have a tendency to ebb and flow. There seems to be a natural flow that they follow and it is up to us, those of us in the relationship to either go with that flow, or perhaps rock the boat a bit. Recently, I was told that the ideal relationship should be about smooth waters, avoiding the rapids at all costs. The perfect relationship is little to no work and just sort-of happens. I disagree. For where is the challenge, excitement and fun in “no work” and “smooth sailing”? How do you truly know the intimate places of another person’s soul if you are never exploring the rapids?
The truth is that most people do avoid the work and the mess. It is far easier to go through life in the ordinary – the vanilla, if you will, and stay within your comfort zone. I on the other hand want more. I want the inconvenient, the ridiculous, the sometimes uncomfortable, all-consuming and can’t-live- without-you type of relationship. What I want, I suppose, is Real Love. The kind that means someone is by my side as I face the rapids and always there to help do the work.  

As often is the case, thank you Carrie for help in developing what the Gator inspired.

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