Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Thankful - Throughout the Year

Once again the yearly tradition of gathering with family and friends to celebrate the things we are most thankful for is upon us. Many, I have noticed, have decided to use the entire month to give thanks, posting daily on social media such affirmations as, “Today, I am thankful for: insert item of thanks here.” And not unlike public media campaigns that encourage us to celebrate and remember specific causes and promote awareness, we are inspired and urged throughout the month of November to be, well, thankful.

But what about the other eleven months of the year? Is it not as important to be mindful of our abundance from December through October? Why is it that we cannot just be thankful on a consistent basis? Please do not misunderstand. It is heartening to see that human nature is able to devote an entire month to thankfulness and gratitude. It is encouraging that as the holidays approach, kicked-off by a day celebrating family and appreciation, we can put aside our differences, our discords and our conflicts to actually come together not only within our families, but perhaps even as a nation. What I propose is that it extend far beyond just Thanksgiving. I propose that it go even further than Christmas. For it is fine and good to be thankful and appreciate what we have, but how about being thankful for each and every day we live in freedom, are able to exercise our liberty and are lucky enough to pursue and obtain happiness. Thanksgiving is more than just being grateful for one afternoon or evening at the table. Think about what you are thankful for and remember: it is with you long after the turkey’s been carved and the football games are over.

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