Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All in

In poker, the definitive bet is going “all in”. In a game of chess, the winning move is “check mate”. In a relationship, the ultimate scenario is surrendering to love. But unlike poker, unlike chess, love is infinitely more complicated and actually begins with the seemingly final outcome. The thing with love is that the real work begins after it is actually declared. When you love someone and decide to share your life with them – in marriage, in living together or simply in love – you have to be present every day. It’s being in the now and being involved in the everyday. It is the giving of oneself and being open to receiving what the other person has to give.
It’s easy to say “I love you” but to really love someone – well, that’s just it.  It’s not saying the words or believing you can’t live without the other person. No, it is the complete surrender of oneself and the willingness to accept and live in complete surrender.

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