Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Chemistry. Elements come together, combine and if you’re lucky, make for an amazing result. But as we all learned in that high school chemistry class, combine the wrong elements and boom: inevitable disaster. Why is it that finding the right chemistry can be so perfect while the wrong one can be so devastating?
Truth is, we are like the elements in the periodic table. Some of us combine easily, while others simply do not. We can compliment, co-exist and even make something spectacular; or clash, refuse to mix, and eventually explode. It isn't just science but a fine dance. It takes patience, perseverance and persistence. But once you find the right combination - ahh...perfection. 
A friend of mine once said that some people are like vinegar and baking soda – mix them in a beaker and you have a bubble bomb. But others are like the combined elements in a lava lamp: heated, colorful and glowing. The result is perfect chemistry – a resonating of beauty, warmth and light. So which would you prefer – the bubble bomb or the warm glow of perfect symbiotic existence? My answer is quite simply perfection.

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