Monday, August 26, 2013

Icicle Moments or Life's Happiness & Joy

I recently attended a conference specifically geared towards meeting planner professionals where the recurring theme was pushing forward or as they termed it, Tomorrow’s Wave. The purpose was of course the future of meetings and how we, as professional meeting planners, marketing specialist and communication coordinators are responsible not only for our client’s message but also for expanding the boundaries of what our client’s might have never imagined. Once termed "thinking outside of the box", these days the challenge is not reinvention but instead innovation.  The issue for those of us in such a capacity is thus creativity, motivation and engagement. As we move from event to meeting to conference, we are continually challenged to celebrate success, but only for a moment as disaster is always lurking. The problem we face then as professionals is uncertainty, anxiety and truthfully, burnout.

With that in mind, I started thinking about what forces drive me and how I manage to keep that balance of both continually striving for excellence while at the same time, ensuring that I am personally in-check.  Naturally, this contemplation of professional self got me thinking about my personal self. How is that one takes those moments of success and happiness, and turns them into continuous contentment and joy?

Surprisingly enough, my answers came from two very different places – the pastor at the church I attend and a speaker at the conference. Last week, our pastor's message was about the difference between happiness and joy. Fundamentally, it is the small things that make us happy and lead us down the path of pure joy. It is the moments in time where we experience this happiness, these are the moments we cherish and will always remember. This is the joy in life – reveling in those moments of happiness.
With this fresh on my mind, I attended a presentation at the conference about icicles or frozen moments in time. The premise being that those moments we experience that when we think back on them transport us to the place, and the feeling where we remember bliss are like the icicles formed off the roof as the snow melts.  Frozen moments in time with such beauty and wonder that they naturally bring us a sense of contentment. Reliving that amazing experience is like that icicle bringing us happiness. It is that happiness that we must remember when faced with the possibility of going over the edge in our life. It is that joy that should ground us and see us through the hurdles.

So the next time you seem to have hit the proverbial brick wall whether it be professionally or personally, close your eyes and think of the icicle - that moment of bliss. It may take some doing but once you are there, joy will follow and perhaps with that, a little peace of mind.

 Thank you Pastor Cullum, Christ's Church, and Gregg Herning for your inspiring thoughts and words.

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