Saturday, April 13, 2013

Milestone – 4/13/2013

A few years back I wrote about theexperience of my first born turning 18 and the significance of that milestonefor me as his mom.  Today I have theamazing honor of experiencing my baby turning 18 and sharing in this verydifferent sort of milestone.

When your youngest steps into the world of official “adult”, you begin to realize that your job as a parent nowenters a whole new phase. No longer does her everyday affect mine and yet, sheis my baby and will always be as such.  Iam blessed and honored to have brought into this world a most exceptional humanbeing and can honestly, without hesitation say that she is a young woman whosecharacter, beauty and strength I admire and am extremely proud of. She is a forceto be reckoned with and ready to take on the world.  Once again, I brag about one of mygreatest accomplishments. To my sweet girl – you are one of the greatest lovesof my life.
Happy 18th Birthday baby –without you my life would be incomplete.

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