Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There was a popular TV show in the late 80’s that followed the lives of seven individuals as they navigated their way through life, relationships and love. A particular episode came to mind as I was thinking about timing – timing in life, timing in relationships, timing in love. One of the characters who eventually married her “Mr. Right” initially discounted him as a love interest when they first met.  Eventually as the show went on they encountered each other again, fell in love and were married but not before essentially wasting three TV seasons of being together.  This made me wonder, why is it that she initially rejected the man she was destined to marry? Why didn’t it work the first time around?   Why is it that the universe sends us what we are looking for but not always at the moment we are ready to accept it?

Every day life presents different opportunities and different paths to navigate. Often the people and events that we encounter are there for us to decide upon and to choose from: is this the right time to take that trip, vie for that promotion, begin that new relationship? Sometimes we take that leap and go for what is offered.  Other times we decide against that step, take a moment and weigh the options. It’s really all about the timing. Timing is what makes some things work and other things catastrophically fail. Go for something too soon and it is quite possibly doomed. Hesitate too long and the opportunity may be gone. So the thing to consider is timing. If it doesn't seem to fit the moment is presented to you, then most likely it doesn't.  Listen to your heart, the mind will eventually follow.  Because forcing something whose time hasn’t come is an inevitable recipe for disaster.

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