Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a reason, a season, a lifetime

It is said that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Those that come for an explicit purpose leave their mark, often in the most subtle of ways, and move on to the next life they are meant to affect. Those that come for a specific time frame, change our course, reroute our thoughts and quite possibly put us back on track to the path we were meant to follow. Then there are those linger and eventually stay to become a permanent and integral part of our story. These are people we must cherish - those that never judge, never doubt, and never stop believing. They lift you up when you are down, share your load when you can’t and offer a hand when you are in need.

Life is a series of constantly moving parts and pieces. The people we encounter along the way are part of the puzzle that make the picture complete. What’s important to recognize is that not everyone we meet has the same relevance in our lives.  Some will float in for a reason and leave us in a newly enlightened place. We must let these individuals come and go. Some will appear for a season and be remembered for the gifts they bring. We must appreciate these individuals but be prepared to say adieu. But for those that “stick”,  pay close attention to what they offer. These are the priceless gems to hang on to - for it is these individuals that make a life complete.

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