Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Grand Gesture

Grand Gesture ~ An act that is uncharacteristically demonstrative or spectacular, made in order to prove one's feelings for another.

Whatever happened to the grand gesture? You know, the undeniable, unquestionable BIG moment where you finally…just…know? It's the John Cusak holding the boombox over his head moment.  The Grand Gesture.  I’m talking about when something happens, the planets align, fates come together and the universe sends you that all important and monumental sign.  The grand gesture. It's that moment, occasionally by accident but usually orchestrated by another, that lets you know it will all work itself out and you are truly on the right path.  It all becomes crystal clear and a calm the likes you may have never known inexplicably washes over you.  You are at once excited but assured that everything, everything is finally as it should be.

Some say there is no such thing; that it is the stuff of movies and no one in this day and age either takes the time to make or expects a grand gesture.  They are wrong.  For it is often in the grand gesture that you finally come to know with unfaltering certainty how much you really mean to someone else.

thank you once again John Hughes for inspiration, guidance and hope...

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