Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Emotional Reveal

Have you ever come to the stunning realization that honesty isn’t always the best policy?  Wait, let me rephrase, have you ever come to the realization that it isn’t really about honesty but more about the emotional "reveal".  The REVEAL: that moment when you finally muster up the courage to say how you feel and what you really want from someone, all the while assuming that they want the same, and then wait with baited breath to see how they will react.  No promises have been made, no guarantees have been given and there you are open, vulnerable and waiting...waiting to essentially have your heart annihilated.  Why is it that when it comes to true feelings, it’s the honesty that gets us in real trouble?

Intelligence, practical knowledge, experience - check them at the door. No amount of these can prepare you for it. You are at once a small child hoping for that big present on Christmas morning and the scared adult making your first important presentation.  You pour out your heart and soul hoping for some semblance of validation, some acknowledgement, some reciprocation of what’s been said, what’s been revealed and then, you wait.  In a perfect world, your feelings are enthusiastically returned and life begins anew.  But more often than not, you are left out on a limb, waiting.  And you wait until someone, the someone, who can truly handle your honesty and match your emotional reveal comes along.

dedicated to all of those searching and waiting with baited'll come...

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