Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I know you think a lot. Just don’t overthink things. Relax a little. I know you like answers, but sometimes the answers aren’t easy to come by. You need to let the answers come in time. Don’t rush to find the conclusion. Think of it like a book, if you know the ending, it’s not as interesting. Life is a journey.  Enjoy the adventure.

There are those moments in life where a bit of wisdom comes from a very unlikely place. It is at those times that one would think evaluation of said wisdom should occur.  Usually the case.  But sometimes, the unexpected wisdom tells you just the opposite: don’t think, just relax, 
Easier said than done. But still, something to embrace and practice.  For it isn’t always in the searching that the answers truly come.  Often the best place to “find” the answers is in the ceasing to look for them. And knowing the outcome of the story, simply makes it that much less entertaining. Sometimes, it is important to just ride out the adventure.  You just never know what surprises await and where your life might eventually take you.

thank you Mr. Gator for my "aha" moment...

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