Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The thing about resolutions is that everyone expects you to have at least one.  When that ball drops at midnight and the old year has ended, each of us is given a “clean slate” so to speak.  The opportunity to start over and try again is like a gift in 365 new possibilities to get it right.  Like magic, the sins of yesteryear are suddenly moot and the time to move forward has begun.

Now, I am not one of those individuals who spends too much time worrying about what I “resolve” to do in the new year.  Naturally like most, I will look to my hopes, dreams and desires to work towards my goals.  But instead of worrying about the tangible that I will accomplish, I use the “resolution-making” time to focus on the intangible: to attempt to quiet the storm that lurks within. It is the beast, the one inside us all in some shape or form; a monster that makes us overthink, overreact and overdramatize everything that life throws our direction.  And so, it is how we choose to live with it, handle it, tame it that not only becomes the ultimate New Years goal, but also the one that we must tackle with the most resolve.

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