Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life's Love

"I refuse to screw up your love life."  "Don’t be ridiculous, Patti…you are my love life."   
                                                                                                   ~ Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

In life we are in a constant searching for love.  We follow a circular path – we search for it, yearn for it, want it, need it, bask in it, nurture it, hurt for it, curse it, discard it and eventually, search for it again.  Often it is given unconditionally. Sometimes, it comes with a heavy price. But no matter the course, no matter the pattern, no matter the individual, we are instinctually drawn to love. It is simply a part of life.   
The remarkable thing is that it is truly all around, just as the silly song says.  It can be as surprising and unexpected as that cool breeze on a hot summer day, or the first brisk scent of Fall in the air, or that lovely light falling snow as the winter begins. Love, and life, is made up of many things. Our challenge then, is to see the Amazing in what the universe brings you – both in life and love. For it is often the Constant that truly is your life’s true love.

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