Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple Complicated

Often times it is the simplest word or action that seems to be the hardest to say or do. What I’ve noticed or perhaps have come to know is that there is an inevitable correlation between that which is so simple and yet seemingly so impossible. What is it that makes the simplest, most logical thing so impossible to do?  Why are we so paralyzed by the very thing that stands in the way of our own happiness and peace of mind?

You start a relationship of almost any kind and at some point there is doubt, conflict or fear.  Sometimes it resolves itself but more often than not it just doesn’t - not on its own.  Action must be taken.  A resolution must take place.  This can be a simple process but unfortunately, we of complicated egos and over-thinking intellect make it practically impossible for the smooth, no-drama resolution. Instead of a frank discussion - a calm, cool and collected discourse - our instinct drives us to silence, avoidance and ultimately cowardice towards not only the issue at hand, but eventually the very individual with whom we should want resolution.  It is our nature to make what is so very simple – an apology, a conversation, an “I’m sorry” – so completely impossible to recover from.  What begs to be answered then is the obvious question: are we losing out on something amazing because we are just too impossible to be simple?

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