Monday, November 5, 2012

Too Many Choices?

Have you ever noticed that our "everyday" is filled with far too many choices? Paper, plastic or canvas. Regular, super or premium. Tall, grande or venti. Everyday, too many choices. 

Think about the ever-expanding menu at your favorite restaurant. The variety and choice these days seem endless. It's as if just giving a limited choice would disappoint to the extent that there would never be a repeat customer.  But do we really need all of these choices? Is more really better? Is it possible that having an overwhelming amount of choices is exactly what makes us completely unable to actually decide? 

Life of course is all about choice. Every day, every aspect of life means more choices. But presented with too many choices, too many options, simply too much - some are just incapable of making a decision and sticking to it. It's as if knowing there is more out there to chose from quite often paralyzes one to indecision. Don't get me wrong, choices are an important part of what makes life interesting. But there's still a fine line separating those that definitively choose to move forward and those that simply, indecisively, stare at the menu.

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