Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little Texas Hold'em

I’m not a betting person by nature but I do enjoy a good game of Texas Hold’em.  It’s a variation of standard poker with the usual amount of luck necessary to win but also a certain amount of skill and strategy.  The key to the game is of course to take your opponents out with the highest hand using the five communal cards set before players on the table in conjunction with the two hidden cards in one’s hand.  Simple enough.  The key is in watching and learning to read your adversaries in order to up the ante, intimidate the opposition and win the round.  Some will play the bluff while others will cautiously and patiently wait for the sure winning hand.  In the end, it is the player with the most gumption combined with careful tactical maneuvering that will win the coveted pot.

Life is like playing a game of Texas Hold'em. We are dealt certain circumstances which we must use to maximize our winning potential.  Some we are privy to immediately, while others reveal themselves in time.  And not unlike the game, it is important to read your fellow “players”, attempt to understand and often interpret their moves throughout.  Overthink the situation and you could find yourself completely taken out.  Make a rash decision or play impulsively, you could miss out on a huge opportunity for the big score.  It is a delicate balance to stay in the game.  But more importantly, it is with finesse, cleverness and a bit of ingenuity that will make the game not only interesting, but perhaps, even resulting in the ultimate big win.       

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