Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have come to the conclusion that “dating” in the conventional sense of the word over the age of 40 is just plain stupid.  Truth is, by the time you hit this stage of your life, you pretty much know what you want and need in a mate.  Unfortunately, too many of us buy into the external forces that attempt to convince otherwise or are simply too afraid to see what is right in front of them.  Why is it that when it comes to marriage we insist on writing our own vows, but when it comes to relationships, we feel that we have to follow a certain set of prewritten rules?

Not all of us are hard wired for marriage and some that have already gone down that path are not necessarily apt to do it again.  What we must realize is that it really is okay.   But since we are creatures in need of companionship, intellectual stimulation and let’s face it, sex, it is certainly preferred that we find a like-minded individual to share the rest of our life.  And when you add in the factors of attraction and chemistry, well certainly it’s time to rethink the path of your future. 

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it is the one who stands by you through thick and thin, the one who forgives your selfishness, the one who will listen to all of your crazy ramblings at all hours that is truly your mate. This is the person you should not only look for, but also hold onto when you find them.  And if you are lucky enough to realize and cherish the prize you have been given at just the right moment, well then, you are way ahead of the game. 

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