Friday, August 3, 2012

Shortcut Anyone?

There’s an interesting blog post about how we all have these great long stories about major successful events in our lives.  The problem is that we spend so much of our time looking for the “quick win” that perhaps this is why we do not have enough successful stories to share.  The meaning behind the words is very clear: often it is the time we take, the time we invest in something that makes it worthwhile and lasting.  Rather than a hit-and-run or one-and-done scenario, is it possible that slow and steady truly does win the race in the end?  Have we become a culture of looking for only the shortcuts?

In this world of impatient, must-have-now individuals running in the endless rat race, we seem to hold little esteem for those that take their time in achieving greatness.  Rather than looking at the big picture, people are so busy focusing on the small things, the minute and insignificant, that they often discount the greater good.  While it is true that the tenacity needed to forge ahead while all others are celebrating their small victories can be a daunting and often unsatisfying task, the hard work and perseverance will ultimately make the success that much sweeter.  Perhaps it is time to start thinking about how investing in the longer story will ultimately be more fulfilling than taking that shortcut.

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