Monday, June 18, 2012

Bumper Cars

There are people in this world that live their life like the bumper cars you ride at the carnival.  Carelessly and unapologetically, they come into contact with anything and everything around them, leaving chaos and mayhem in their path. The unfortunate part is that those around the oblivious car-run-amok think it is fun and a bit of a thrill to be bumped a few times – but only at first.  Inevitability, the so-called “fun bump” becomes annoying and frustrating.  Suddenly, the unsuspecting victim realizes, a moment too late, that most any encounter with the serial bumper is predictably and inescapably destructive.  And yet, it is the excitement of the ride that keeps us coming back for more.  Are we merely junkies for that exceptional ride no matter what the consequence? 

Life brings the unexpected.  And it is the unexpected that can make a life worth living.  It is the “who” and the “what” that bumps into us which makes things interesting and ever-changing.  But one cannot continually forgive the careless bumpers of the world.  One cannot forever be the collateral damage of someone else's life.  Sometimes in order to fully live, you must get out of the way and simply find a different ride. 

Thanks to my friend for the inspiration - you absolutely helped me finish this one :)

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