Wednesday, June 6, 2012


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  So said the first-century Roman philosopher Seneca.  It stands to reason then that with preparation and a little luck, the right opportunity will soon present itself.  Perfectly sound logic.  However, the mind cannot help but wonder, how long will it take for the Universe to see fit to reveal said opportunity?

The world is full of change and we, as evolving human beings, must find ourselves daily prepared for whatever life throws our direction.  Often it is true that with a little luck, we might find ourselves fully prepared for what the day might have in store for us.  Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.  The fates have an impish way of throwing us off our game.  It is therefore necessary to be confident in ourselves, be secure in who we are and trust in the careful preparation that we take to ensure that even the biggest surprises turn into that opportune moment – the one where luck finally does find us and the opportunity indeed presents itself.  What we do from there, however, is entirely in our own hands.

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