Monday, May 24, 2010

Commencement 2010

Commencement. A word fraught with emotion and meaning. A word synonymous with beginning, onset, genesis.  A word ironically that also signifies the end.

Last week commencement was being uttered throughout my house as my son prepared to cross that threshold from high school to college. The next stage of his life will unfold before him as he leaves the familiarity of high school (the end) and begins maneuvering the path that is his future. No longer is he that doe-eyed teenager trying to get through what the day will bring in the halls of his high school.  That part of his life has ended. Now he is a man embarking on a journey to another place, without mom and dad looking over his shoulders but certainly with more responsibilities upon them.  He will move toward the next phase of his life having completed a major step.  Now, commencement.

What advice can I give my son? Having been through this, not really so long ago, I tell him to accept every challenge, make the most of every opportunity. Do not let fear dictate your actions and reach for the stars. Go ahead, take risks, fall flat on your face - it really is okay because it is through the risk taking and the failures that you learn. It is also often in the unexpected, in life's adventures that you succeed and sometimes in ways you might never have imagined. I say to my son and all of his graduating class: go forward. Be great. Commence. Your life is just beginning and knowing what I know about you - you will all be great and do great things.

Congratulations to the St. Joseph Academy Class of 2010.

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