Thursday, May 6, 2010

Preparing for The Dream Job Interview

Last week I had the fortunate experience of being called for an interview by what I consider to be my "dream job".  I had sent out a resume a little over a month ago - out to cyberspace as is the case these days - and began the process of landing my "dream job".  I strategically called a few friends hoping they had a connection to make on my behalf to get the resume noticed.  I checked out the company website and did a little homework.  Then, I waited - waited until the job posting closed and kept my fingers crossed. 

When the call came for a phone interview, I was ecstatic!  A million thoughts ran through my mind as I prepared.  What would they ask?  Was I what they were looking for?  The phone interview lasted about 20 minutes.  About a day later, I was asked to come downtown for the "in-person" meeting and now I am waiting and hoping for the offer.   As I wait for my "dream job" to come calling, chanting over and over "dream job, dream job",  here are some tips that I found useful and helpful in preparing for the process.

The Targeted Resume:
For those of you that have a resume ready and raring to go, look at it again.  The best advice I ever received about resume writing is to revamp and reorganize.  Target your resume for the position you are applying for.  Include things like volunteer work, special assignments or projects related to the job you desire.  Working on the school fundraiser could be just the small item of experience that can get you noticed.

The Phone Interview:
I have two words for you - research and prepare.  Have all of these at the ready and handy during the interview: your resume, the job posting, facts about the company and the position.  Use the job description and research the company and their programs relevant to the position you desire.  Look up key words within the job description, searching for relevant articles and news tidbits.  Be prepared by having these facts at your disposal during the interview.  Mention some of the company's pet-programs and ongoing projects.  Often it's the smallest detail that will push you through to the next round.

The In-Person Meeting:
Relax.  No one is trying to trick you so make eye contact and be straightforward and forthright with your answers.  Being interviewed by a "panel" can be intimidating!  But if you exude confidence and know your stuff, you'll be fine.  Try to anticipate the questions and have some answers at the ready.  Be enthusiastic, professional and somewhat easygoing.  Ultimately, your experience will speak for itself, but your professional personality has to shine through as well.

The job finding process can be grueling.  Just remember that there is a perfect job out there for you.  A little patience and preparation will go a long way in getting you hired and landing the "Dream Job".


  1. Maybe you'll write about "finding a college" experiences?

  2. you got the job and already took a vacation but never said what the job is.


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