Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Mixing Bowl Won't Change His Habit - And Maybe That's A Good Thing

What makes some us such staunch creatures of habit?  Is it something in our natures that makes us unable to adapt to new situations and often to more efficient ones?  Case and point - Exhibit A. I have a friend (don't you just love these stories?) who got divorced about a year and a half ago.  The split was somewhat amicable in that they really split much of their belongings pretty equally.  In terms of kitchen items, however, he inexplicable gave her most.  In that last few months, I have noticed several what I would call necessary kitchen items that he doesn't have and could use.  One of these "items" is a mixing bowl.  The funny thing is that my friend is a brownie junkie.  In fact, he makes brownies about once a week and uses (wait for it), has used for about 2 years now, a rectangular tupperware container as a mixing bowl.  I suppose it is rather resourceful when you consider what the heck else would you use if you owned not a mixing bowl.  Well, being the conscientious friend that I am, I bought him a mixing bowl.  Now the kicker - he made brownies the other day and did not use the mixing bowl.  Actually, he stated quite matter of factly, "I didn't even even realize I had a mixing bowl."  Needless to say, my eye roll was less then subtle.  When I pointed out that I had purchased said mixing bowl and that he had to move it out of the way to get to the rectangular tupperware, all he said was "humph", as if he was completely baffled by how the mixing bowl ever got into his house let alone his cabinet.  Now I ask the general public - is it me or is this about being a creature of habit?
Truth be told, we all have our little idiosyncrasies, our little habits that no matter how hard others try to change them or fix them, they are ours, belong to us, and truly make us the unique individuals that we are.  So while it is true that buying the mixing bowl for him was my way of helping and showing him I care, to him, it was just a bowl and in no way a replacement for the rectangular tupperware that made his favorite comfort food.  To him, the habit of making the brownies starts with the unorthodox mixing tupperware - not a mixing bowl.  And of course, it is this resourcefulness, this kookiness that I love about my friend.  It is what makes him unique.  It is what makes him, well, him.  And that's better even than his brownies.

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