Thursday, December 3, 2009

Painless Turkey Pick Up

Thanksgiving was last week and while I didn't post about anything turkey related I thought I would make one observation about "turkey pick up" that struck me as interesting and made me smile.

I went up north to Maryland to spend Turkey Day with my sister, niece and mom.  My sister of course had the whole Thanksgiving thing in hand including menus, table arrangements and of course, the timing of everything - including the turkey pick up.  Tuesday before was the first grocery store run, but the real marathon began around 7:30 a.m. (coffee anyone?) Wednesday morning.  We hit the Giant, the liquor store and actually, had to go to another Giant for items forgotten.  All I can say is - what complete chaos!  The parking lots were a mess and I could only imagine what the afternoon rush would be like.  So,  by the time we had to pick up the turkey from Whole Foods, I was less than enthusiastic about experiencing yet another grocery store parking lot nightmare!  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.
We drive down River Road and got into the left hand turn lane to turn into the parking lot.  I look and there's a policeman directing traffic into the lot.  This struck me as odd.  Suddenly, I see three, no four other police officers in the parking lot directing people to parking spaces!  This place was running like a well-oiled machine!  No crazy road rage, no cursing patrons.  Everyone followed directions, waiting their turn and had a parking space within minutes.  I was astounded.  When I asked my sister, she nonchalantly remarked that this was common place for the day before Thanksgiving/Turkey pick up.  Apparently, the good people of this area had deemed it necessary for their well-being to have the police force run the parking lot situation the day before Thanksgiving.  Kudos to them I say.  It was perhaps the smoothest grocery store outing during a major holiday I have ever experienced and truth be told - I enjoyed the entire thing! 

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