Friday, September 18, 2009

Snippet & Ink - Blue & Gold

I found a new blog that I am loving.  Snippet & Ink posts daily wedding inspirations which is I know, kind of weird for me since I have absolutely sworn off marriage!  Still, I find the posts fresh and creative and honestly, hopeful.  Weddings are after all new beginnings, and what is more hopeful than that?
Yesterday's post Autumn Gold and Icy Blue showcases pale blue and vibrant gold - two colors I would never have thought to put together.  And it really, really works.  The ethereal quality of this color combination would make any Fall wedding memorable.  What bride wouldn't want that?  It's the perfect blend of richness and warmth and gorgeous.  Check out the Board.  It is truly a masterpiece of inspiration.  Here comes the bride.

pale blue and gold inspiration board from Snippet & Ink

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  1. Okay, this takes me by surprise. When did you swear off marriage? Not that you don't have good reason and it's a healthy stance for you right now. Obviously you haven't sworn off weddings, interior design, French cooking and a personal search for the right new look. All good persuits and consistent with your thurst for new knowledge.


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