Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Change is Good But Not For Hair

What is it about change that dares us to do something and then more often than not we regret it?  This sounds like a huge philosophical question fit for countless hours of discussion, but actually, and don't judge my shallowness, I am merely talking about hair.  My hair actually.  After I can't even remember how many years of long tresses, I decided to go a bit...short.  Yes, the signature locks have been shed for a shorter version of, well, something.  I would plead insanity, or victim of a hair dressers bad day, but actually, I asked for it.  Last week, with photos in hand, I requested to have about 3 1/2 inches lopped off.  Doesn't sound like much but in hair measurements, it's a scary amount!  Within seconds of the new do, I panicked.  What had I done?

My hair has always been one of those bane-of-my-existence type things.  I have to say that I really have beautiful hair and yet it's a total love-hate relationship.  Usually it's about the time that I have it cut or try out a new style that I think, wow, I really loved my hair the way it was before, and I really hate it this way!  I know some of you out there are nodding in wholehearted agreement.  Bless you.  But what is it about hair?  You can do so much with it and yet, let's be honest, so little.  It can be colored, streaked and highlighted; cut, trimmed or shaved.  You can layer it, bob it, feather it; wear it in a pony tail, a chignon, braid it, "bump it", beehive it; curl it or straighten it.  Really the possibilities are endless and yet, so many of us truly hate our hair and can't do much with it. 

So here I am with a much shorter hairdo than I would like and not quite the look as the picture promised.  I am regretting my rash decision for change and the "chop it off" directions I gave.  My attempt to look chic, stylish and sophisticated didn't really translate and instead I have barely shoulder length hair that I can't even figure out which way to blow dry!  Ugh!  It reminds me of something my dad always said, "the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one is about two weeks."  Hopefully he's right.  If not, I guess look for me - I'll be the one wearing a hat.

photo courtesy of Amy King's blog Amy King's Alias

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  1. And I love your new hair, it’s part of the shift into your fabulous 40s and wanting to change your look to go with the recent change in lifestyle. I agree with your Dad, now that you had the guts to do it, give it time to grow on you. That was bad…


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