Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Flu Fog

I am just re-emerging into the land of the living after nearly a week of flu fog.  Yes, I caught the dreaded bug - luckily not the barnyard variety but still, it was bad enough to confine me to bed for nearly five days.  Five days of flu fog.  Five days of absolute misery.
Now, I am the most germaphobic person on earth.  Seriously.  Like I should have bought stock in Purell or something antibacterial the way I stay germ free.  Still I managed to end up with this thing!  Ugh!  So, a word of advice to those of you out there, and I am so sorry for you, that will become afflicted with this thing in the next few months.  The minute, no, the second you feel something - scratchy throat, sniffles, aches anything - take the airborne, take vitamin C, take echinacea whatever just take something.  Take care of yourself!  Head the warning signs, the "I really don't feel great" signs.  And if you still end up bedridden, run (well, try) don't walk to the doctor and get the Rx.  Tamiflu.  Oh thank goodness for it.  I felt better in about 36 hours.  And trust me, it was welcome relief.  Still, I needed a bit more time to fully recoup and actually as of this posting, I am still half in bed, half on the couch.  Several friends have commiserated with me by Facebook - they too have the flu fog.  Oh the agony!  So beware the dreaded flu fog.  You'll need more than a horn to find your way back.

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