Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreaming Decor (And A Little Help from One Pretty House Interiors)

My new found interest in home decor has me not only thinking style and function, but actually dreaming it as well.  Oy vey! Visions of furniture placement, fabric choices and accessory usage dance around my subconscious instead of the wonderful and restful REM sleep that I so desperately need.  My latest nighttime epiphany came in the form of re-purposing a desk and two dining room side chairs.  My sister, interior designer extraordinaire,would be so pleased.  I am taking her Decorating Chit Chat to heart and tackling my decorating dilemmas!

My Entry way problem seems to have dreamed itself solved by simply reusing two of the six existing dining room chairs to flank the welcoming console table.  Perfect solution for a bizarre space that never seemed to have that just right look.  Now the Entry feels complete and flows nicely into the dining room.  This also leaves new possibilities for arm chairs or more elegant, stately head-of-the-table chairs - something I have to admit, I've always wanted.

The master bedroom issue, which I must confess to have created by purchasing the wrong dresser (note to self, note to all: measure the wall and the space in the room before buying!) had its aha! moment after a nightmarish, tossing and turning fest upon which I woke up with eureka! (This exclamation frightened the poor puppy right out of doggie dream land!)  By moving my now office desk - a petite, vanity like piece - into the master, I created not only a very usable area, but also a new balance in the room which will under-emphasize the too tall, not quite wide enough dresser.  The decorating angels are weeping at the sheer genius.  Of course this now gives me license to hunt for the perfect desk both for function and style which after all, is every decorator's quest.

So now I have some solutions, or at least some good ideas for a quick redo of my entryway, dining room, office and master bedroom.  Naturally this all sounds wonderful to the lay decoratur that I have now become, however, I will still be consulting my favorite designer at One Pretty House Interiors - a Washington DC/Metro boutique design firm specializing in one day redesign and real estate staging.  After all, every amateur needs a little help from a pro.


  1. What's that I hear?! I think it IS the sound of Angeles weeping with Joy! SO glad your home decorating is coming along and that I can be a part of it. You've got the right idea: Repurpose, Recover or Replace you'll soon find yourself falling in love one room at time.

    Happy Decorating!

  2. We have lived in the same condo for 33 years and to avoid the heartache of interior decorating, we have labeled our home "eclectic." We don't even agree on painting with a brush or a roller...


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