Saturday, August 1, 2009

Women's Evolving Beauty

Women are getting more beautiful. No seriously. According to research reported on’s Broadsheet, evolution is making women prettier while men are remaining “aesthetically stagnant.” Apparently the evolutionary trend is that beauty begets beauty. Yes, genes, but it seems, the more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she will continue having babies who in turn will be beautiful. And so on, and so on. Like that Faberge shampoo commercial. Of course, you can’t discount the fact that women have throughout the ages always been concerned about their beauty. We’re programmed from a young age to primp and preen and we teach our daughters. It perpetuates through the generations. It is our fair sex that worries about “letting ourselves go” only to be replaced by a younger, more attractive model. So it makes sense – women are finally being rewarded for generations of hard work. We have truly become the beautiful people, or at least we're evolving into that. And the men? Well, maybe if they’re lucky, they’ll catch up.

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  1. Being an avid people-watcher from behind a grande misto, I certainly agree with your article and the study that prompted it. There are those of us who just don't seem to age, however, I attribute being more beautiful to smarter use of cosmetics, tighter/more revealing clothes and the independent glow that radiates from having a fulfilling life. There is still a group of unattractive ladies who don't know or care to take advantage of their sizzle and milk it's advantages. A few stop caring about how they look after marriage but they are offset by the older women who manage to look 20 years younger than their same-age husbands.


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