Thursday, July 30, 2009

BYOE - Bring Your Own Entertainment

I read with some amusement the Yahoo! Tech article about how in-flight entertainment systems might possibly become a thing of the past. I can’t even remember the last time I paid one iota of attention to anything that was offered on the in-flight menu, entertainment or otherwise! In this day and age when travel has become more of a hassle than a luxury, I don’t think many of us expect much in terms of an on-board experience. On the contrary, I am always well prepared with a good book, a fully charged IPod, a crossword puzzle and pen, and for the longer flights, a laptop with downloaded movies. And my fellow travelers? They seem engaged in the same activities – books or newspapers, IPod, laptops. So I’m not sure why we’re lamenting the loss of the outdated movie on a tiny screen or the limited loop of songs on the barely audible in-flight radio. The airlines are broke so why not let passengers BYOE? Maybe, just maybe, they’ll save some money.

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