Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help! It's Summer and I'm Melting!

Summer is not my favorite time of year. Honestly, I am not a sun worshiping kind of girl so I have always found it ironic that I was born and raised in Southern California (can you say perpetual summer and now live in Florida (can you say sweltering summer). Someone is having quite a laugh at my expense! So when June rolled around with it’s "summer is here!" promise of heat and humidity, I decided to pack up the car, pack up the kids and drive up to Maryland to visit my sister. The Washington, DC Metro area was having the mildest of summers and the beautiful 70-degree with a light breeze weather was a welcome relief from the dog days of Florida summer. Everywhere you looked, green, green and more green. It was like Spring had sprung and decided to stick around longer than intended. Okay by me! We had the best two weeks ever – visiting museums, spending time with old friends and enjoying the unseasonably wonderful weather. If all of summer could be like this! But alas! Like all good things, the trip had to end. We had to go home and back to our Florida oven! As I made my way back to Florida on I95, watching the temperature go up, up, up, I kept thinking to myself, oh well, at least Fall will come soon enough!

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