Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Warren Buffet

Billionaire Warren Buffet is going to use his investing powers for good. According to a story in The Los Angeles Times, Buffet is going to collaborate with some industry big wigs to bring investing and finance to kids through an Internet cartoon series. Enter the Wall Street Superhero. I wonder if the cartoon character will be a combination of both Superman and Clark Kent? Either way, you know he will absolutely need glasses! Seriously, I read this article with great interest as I find it to be an ingenious way for kids to learn some fundamentals not only about investing but really, about finance. Our society has become so accustomed to coming of age and receiving credit card offers in the mail without solicitation, it’s no wonder we are in an economic crisis. I wonder how many of us really knew at 17 or 18 the consequences of our spending by plastic. Now of course, the ramifications have become clear. Obviously we have learned the hard way that money, investing and finance is a lesson to be learned by all and truthfully, it should be a required course in school. We learn to read and write – should we not learn to manage our money and secure our financial futures? I applaud Warren Buffet and several other well-known experts lending their knowledge to a forum for our children. After all, what’s the best way to make our kids more fiscally responsible? Have a cartoon superhero teach them how cool it is.


  1. Do you think Warren is willing to take a large paycut to serve in Congress?

  2. Now THAT would be something!


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