Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Me At Starbucks®

What in the world did we do before Starbuck's®? Think about it. Not only is it a place to get your caffeine fix but it has become for my generation what Arnold's was for the Happy Days gang. Just think, how often have you said, "he let's get together for coffee" or organized a group to meet for frappuccino's®? My guess is more often than you'd care to admit! Personally, I am a huge Starbucks® aficionado. I absolutely and shamelessly admit that I have no problem spending $5 for a specialty drink and so it often. It's a no-brainer. When I visit the Washington DC Metro area, I am frequently found at the nearby Starbucks® sipping on a grande soy latte or a venti® sweetened passion iced tea, catching up with friends and being seen. And I am not alone. The place is always buzzing! The line often nearly hits the door with people putting in their orders. They really should have revolving doors. It's a steady flow! And there never seems to be enough seating. The comfy chairs are always the first to go. But equally crowded are the tables of varying sizes occupied by the laptops or the study group or the business people who have no other place to meet. It's a smorgasbord of all types of people from all walks of life. Because Starbucks®, it turns out, is the place to see and be seen. It's a social thing not just a grab a beverage thing. Coffee anyone?

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  2. There has always been coffee, before Starbucks there was no place to sit down and enjoy it or enjoy having it with someone.

    Friday night I had dinner at the original Ledo's Restaurant and (unusually) I ordered coffee. They brought me a full cup, with a full hottle on the side. Never saw that anywhere...


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