Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Friendship or Love?

Just as there is a fine line between love and hate, I have found that there’s an even finer, perhaps even blurry line between friendship and love. With friendship, one has a sense of belonging and acceptance. You have things in common and enjoy similar activities. With love you have all of those but also that something extra - that something special that makes it more than just friendship. There’s connection and comprehension, unconditional forgiveness and understanding. When you love someone, you take the good and the bad, stand by them through the thick and the thin, comfort the sorrow and rejoice in the joy. In love there is the every day and the details. Even if you prefer solitude, you are never alone for your love is always with you. The problem then is mistaking friendship for love. For although you can love your friends, you can only be truly in love with the one that shares your life moments. That’s where the fine line ends, and the blur becomes crystal clear.

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