Tuesday, January 7, 2014

People Purge

The arrival of the New Year makes most stop and evaluate the people that are in their lives. We look at our friends, our loves, our crushes, our contacts, and our acquaintances. This is the time we ponder each – assess, if you will, their value in our lives and decide, should I, like purging my Friends list on Facebook continue with the relationship or should I perhaps "Delete"?

No easy task. For with each of these relationships, the good and the bad, there are memories and moments that can be cherished but of course those that just should be forgotten. I came across a tweet the other day that stated, “you should never give up on someone, for miracles have been known to happen.” But the truth is, there are far too many people in this world that simply aren’t worth the effort. Not that they are worthless, but their value in our lives are too fluid to provide any real value. And while they may have fulfilled a definitive purpose at one point, it may be that perhaps they have over stayed their welcome in our lives and it is time to move on. Just as a child moves forward in life, leaves the nest and relies on their parents less and less, so possibly is many a relationship with those individuals that float in and out of our lives offering little and taking so much. So it maybe time to reevaluate your friends, your loves, your crushes; the acquaintances you have made or the contacts in your address book. It may be time to start the New Year fresh and realize that so much more is still to come.

 tweet courtesy of @WomenofHistory

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