Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keeping An Open Mind

There is a misconception among many that when two people start dating the inevitable goal for the woman is marriage while the inevitable goal for the man is sex.  Unfortunately, this misnomer runs ramped in the over 40 crowd and quite often ends in major drama, misunderstandings and many breakups. While it is true that we are creatures believing in happily-ever-after and thus, behaving quite predictability, it is difficult to say with certainty why anyone enters into a dating scenario with anyone.  It is therefore a good idea to keep an open mind, not jump to conclusions and follow the road of the connection to see where it might lead.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Why is it that we are continually jumping the gun, making assumptions and driving ourselves crazy by adding and inventing drama instead of keeping an open mind?

Dating is quite simply trying different people on for size. Just as the perfect pair of shoes might take a little wearing to fit just right, so does the person you are spending your time with. Initial attraction is usually what motivates the date and usually there is chemistry and good rapport.  But let’s face it, no one is a perfect fit right off the bat and it’s hard enough out there without bringing preconceived notions and expectations into the mix.  So the challenge for anyone in today's dating scene is to leave the drama at the door, relax and enjoy the ride.  Every woman is not looking for the diamond on her finger and every man is not looking for just the score.  The trick then is to keep an open mind and realize that most everyone is really just out there looking for the one to spend a little life-time with.    

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