Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Know Your Worth

It is important to know your worth. Are you being appreciated for your skills and talents or are you being taken for granted? Are you praised and revered for your abilities and attributes or are you overlooked for being consistently reliable? Are you rewarded for loyalty and uniqueness or are you simply discounted as the go-to person in time of need?

Too often, when one proves to be consistent, reliable and unfaltering – the total package if you will – one is assigned as a good option instead of the first choice.  Rather than being highly valued, one becomes the consolation prize.  But is it truly the fault of those that take one for granted or does the fault lie instead with those that allow it to take place?  Perhaps it is time for the “consolation prize” to realize their worth and demand the appropriate behavior and recognition that is deserved.  Perhaps it is time to step up, be vocal and act like what you are worth.

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