Sunday, August 26, 2012

The "Have To-s"

There are few things in this world that truly fall into the category of “have to” and yet, we find ourselves in “have to“ situations more often than not.  While it is true that the absolute in life only applies to death and taxes, each and every day we are faced with those inevitable events, the "have to-s" that can only be described as imposed misery.  It is in the face of these tests, and our way of weathering them, that our true character reveals itself.  Are we patient and understanding, rising to the occasion or simply short tempered and a bit obnoxious, resigning ourselves to the inevitable? How do we handle life's "have to-s"?

Life is full of challenges and situations that we must not only deal with but handle with grace and maturity.  It is in the way we manage within these moments, within the "have to-s", those that push our buttons and test our "misery meter" that measures our fortitude and our strength.  We are all equipped to deal and survive, but it is in the way we do so that shows the world what we are truly made of.

Thank you (you know who you are) for the inspiration behind this post.

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  1. I'm hoping that maybe our reactions to these events can be averaged together, like test grades, so that we are not judged by only one reaction that we have, but rather our average reaction. Unfortunately, I am still a work in progress and not every reaction is well thought out and mature! One can only hope that as life throws out challenging situation after challenging situation, that we can finally learn to handle them all with grace and maturity.


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