Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wine or the sexy, sweet gift from the gods

Wine is the sunlight, held together by water.  It begins with the soil, the vine, the grape – the smell of the vineyard like inhaling birth awakens something ancestral, primordial…deeply imprinted and subconsciously placed in the soul.

A glass, a bottle, an entire cellar.  Whether it’s sweet, oaky, or dry; spicy, earthy or complex; be it a red variety, a white, or something in between.  A gorgeous, aromatic, beckoning glass offering a tantalizing dance on the taste buds. Why is it so tempting to watch this divine liquid fill the glass and inevitably quench an inexplicable thirst for the promise of an unexpected bouquet of flavors?

The beauty of this amazing nectar is in the many personalities it can take – seductive, playful, sophisticated, feisty – a virtual chameleon of essence orchestrating feeling and emotion with just one sip.  It is the earth and the elements combined with faith and patience that gives the bounty, feeding the soul as well as the senses.  Salud.        

quote borrowed with a little poetic license from Bottle Shock (2008)

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