Thursday, August 4, 2011

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life

John Hughes did not direct my life. I suppose that is why no matter how much I wait for it – the dare-to-be-great situation – it is always just out of my reach. For those of you that are John Hughes enthusiasts, I know, this very quotable line is not actually from a John Hughes film but instead one that fits the 1980's romantic genre. Not the point. I have spent a lifetime – correction, I have spent my lifetime looking and waiting. 
Some would say the opportunity presents itself daily.  Every moment of every day is a dare-to-be-great situation.  When I think of some of those moments, truly, I have had them.  The key then perhaps is not to wish for a John Hughes directed life, but instead to realize that I have had and will have adventures that even the great John Hughes could not have directed.  Sometimes, it is life unscripted that makes it all worth living.

photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Say Anything - 1989 romantic film written and directed by Cameron Crowe

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