Thursday, June 23, 2011


Relationships come in all shapes and sizes.  There’s no rulebook or manual to guide you to the “perfect” relationship.  Basically, it’s like bobbing for apples – blind folded, you go headfirst into a pool and pray you come up with the apple and not a nose full of water. The key is to stop over analyzing, stop over thinking and just go with it. Ride the tide if you will and just see what happens.
Unfortunately, most of us discount all of the above and manage to make the whole thing a complete and utter disaster. Instead of realizing that there are no guarantees - no definite, we spend infinite unproductive hours trying to figure things out and making sense of a riddle that truly has no correct answer.  It’s a game of chance and there’s no absolute or sure-fire way to manipulate the happily-ever-after.  But, with a little luck, a great sense of humor and yes, a whole lot of patience, you just might find the relationship that actually works.

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