Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tax Man Cometh

Just in case you were asleep at the wheel, yesterday was tax day.  This was the first time ever I was responsible for filing my own taxes and I have to admit, the thought was a little daunting.  For those of you who got yours forms, took out the pen and calculator, filled out the paperwork and filed yourself - kudos.  I on the other hand went the Turbo Tax route and found it to be easy and relatively painless. 

What I liked about Turbo Tax was the step-by-step instruction.  It definitely walked you through the whole process and tried everything it could to get you a refund.  The graphics actually made the process pleasant and about as simple as you could imagine.  Every possible deduction was explored and with a little information gathering before I actually started the process like having last year's tax return available and any donation receipts to deduct - it made the process that much smoother.

Now, I am not knocking some of those other tax prep services, but for the money, you cant beat Turbo Tax.  And when all was said and done, I was able to schedule the payment on the date I chose and had it come directly from my bank account.  Go technology.

So, now I've crossed another milestone of sorts.  I have filled out and filed my own taxes.  I guess now I can honestly say, I am an adult.  Well, at least Uncle Sam thinks so.  Go me.
Enjoy your post tax day.

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