Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dixie Carter - Georgia On My Mind

Dixie Carter died this past Sunday.  I was so shocked and saddened.  Dixie Carter.  I thought of sophistication, class and unsurpassed wit.  She was an elegant southern belle, a champion of the underdog and as outspoken as any liberal you could ever meet.  She was the character she portrayed on Designing Women
One of my favorite episodes personifies both Ms. Carter and Julia Sugarbaker, the powerhouse head of an Atlanta based, four-women design firm.  Dash Goff, the Writer (portrayed brilliantly by Gerald McRaney) pays a visit to the ladies as they are discussing a writing assignment.  His conversation with Julia includes his description of her and could easily be a description of Ms. Carter:
DASH: You have always belonged with another time.
JULIA: Oh, you think so? Where would you put me?
DASH: Oh, I don't know.........sometime before flirting became extinct, when letter writing was an art, stationary was engraved, and dinner was an event. (Referencing his book) Say, did you by any chance find yourself in here?
JULIA: (innocently) No! I didn't notice anything.............well, there was this one passage about a woman who ran a perpetual temperature from cool porcelain to hot steel and could fan a fire with a quick sashay of her walk.........(smiling coyly) ....but I didn't think that was me.
DASH: Well, it was.
Another time - no question.  Another level - absolutely.  This for many will truly be the night the lights went out in Georgia.  Ms. Carter - you will truly be missed.

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