Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Room In A New Home

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about moving.  Now I am in my new home and finding the quirks of being in a new space and trying to find everything.  It's like being in a foreign country and not quite understanding the language.  The new house is a bit larger which is a good thing, but it seems our "stuff" has expanded to fit the space - no actually overrun it.  So in the spirit of new beginnings and new things (I did blog about that a while ago as well) I am purging.  My materialistic tendencies are going wayward and I've decided its definitely time to simplify.

For those of you feeling the walls closing in, I offer this advice:
  • Like the closet, if it's something, an appliance or platter or table linens, you haven't used in a year - sell it, donate it or trash it
  • Be honest, the knicknacks from Aunt Flo were never really your taste to begin with - sell them or donate them
  • Your kids are teenagers and way to old for those countless board games - donate them
  • All those craft supplies you rarely use - donate them to a school
  • Seasonal items - go through them and see what you really don't like or use anymore.  Sentimental items aside, I'm betting there's an old wreath or old garland you never use - donate it or trash it
  • Be brutal in your closet and get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit, is no longer in fashion or you just won't wear.  Stop holding on to things you really don't need.
Make room in your life for the things that are important, like the people who live with you or come to visit, not the items you think make life important like the perfect cocktail plates or serving pieces.  I think you'll find things a little less crowded and perhaps even a little more serene. 

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