Friday, September 4, 2009

Up Next...Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer will finally get her due.  It's true - the uber talented, extremely intelligent, well spoken Diane Sawyer will become host of "ABC's World News" when Charles Gibson steps down at the end of December.  Come January, Diane Sawyer will finally take the anchor chair.  Like many of her colleagues at ABC, Ms. Sawyer has been an icon of news reporting for nearly three decades.  She is a pillar of coolness, objectivity and class.  From her early days at "60 Minutes" to her current run on "Good Morning America", Ms. Sawyer has always been a top-notch reporter.  Her reporting chops, professionalism, longevity and on-air authority make her an ideal anchor for "ABC's World News".  She will be a welcome challenger for Brian Williams at NBC and Katie Couric at CBS.  And of course the media is already touching on that - the infamous Diane vs. Katie feud and of course, because she is a woman, there is already talk of whether or not she will cut her hair as Katie did to give her more credibility.  (I wonder if any of the male anchors ever worried about their hair?)  Brush these tabloidesque rumors aside - they are ridiculous.  But they do remind me of a wonderful scene in the movie Something's Gotta Give where the Jack Nicholson character reveals that he was engaged to Diane Sawyer and how he cannot for the life of him understand how she could have landed a job behind a desk.  "Such a waste of a great pair of legs," he says to which the Diane Keaton character replies in a somewhat flabbergasted tone, "she's Diane Sawyer for God's sake!"  I think that says it all.  Welcome to the helm Ms. Sawyer.

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photo courtesy of ABC

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  1. My family always watched CBS because of the longevity of Gordon Peterson. Last year, he moved to ABC and we followed. When Peter Jennings died, he was replaced by Bob Schieffer (my personal favorite) and he introduced Mika Brzezinski to the world. Morning TV will never be the same. Now that 2 of 3 network anchors are the fairer sex, news programming will change for the better.


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