Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You Can Be Happy

"Happy people prompt happy memories" or so says Gretchen Rubin founder of The Happiness Project. This is worth thinking about. Being happy isn't a constant state of being but more a series of events that make us feel happy and thus make us happy. If we are happy, feel happy or think happy then it follows that our memories will be happy ones. Simple but true. The Happiness Project explores this concept and encourages people to keep a journal to document the happy moments. By jotting down just one sentence about some significant or maybe insignificant part of your day, you are creating a written record of the events of your life. Eventually, these "one-sentence journals" as Gretchen calls them will prompt positive, good memories which in turn lead to happiness. The trend seems to be catching on.

In this day and age when there is plenty to be unhappy about, Gretchen's blog encouraging happiness has as she puts it "resonated with lots of people." As human beings, we are in need of happiness. We spend our entire lives looking for and being with the things that make us happy. It's no wonder then that Gretchen's Project has been so well received. Her 12 commandments are a code for living and for making people happy. So perhaps it's time to start that journal and follow Gretchen's lead. Who knows, you just might find that happy is easier than you think.

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  1. Of course, I have all your emails, so if you need happiness, I can provide it back 13 years. I did start doing this for Ellen when she met the HS boyfriend. For myself, I use my 50 years of photographs for this purpose.


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