Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bring on the Summer Reading List

Procrastination. A word we all know and have had a love affair with since that very first book report was due in school. How often are we given an assignment – for work, school or even for something personal – and have waited until the 11th hour to get it done? I see the many heads going up and down in unison. It’s human nature. We all do it. And, I admit, that I too have had the bug. But it gets better as you get older and I can honestly say, I am more of a tackle the situation and get it done. My parents would be proud!

But I can laugh and commiserate now because I have teenagers who are often afflicted with the same disease. School starts for them in 3 weeks (yes, their summer began at the beginning of June and so in mid-August it’s back to textbooks and bag lunches) and the summer reading list isn’t quite finished. Yikes! My poor son is still in the first couple of chapters of David Copperfield! The book is an intimidating 721 pages of prose – a classic but often difficult to digest. Still, it is required reading for Senior Dual Enrollment English and a must for my college bound son. So he is spending many summer evenings putting away the Xbox and settling in with Dickens. Oh yeah summer reading.

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  1. Unfortunately, conquering procrastination must be a gal thing, I have not kicked the habit as yet. But it doesn't stop me from reading your fascinating blogs.


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