Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Barbie Dolls are Taking Over the Asylum

I turned on a movie I had wanted to watch for some time and one of my favorite, mature actors came on the screen. I hardly recognized her. The amount of work that she’d had done to her face was unbelievable! Obviously, she had decided that her talent wasn’t enough to land the choice roles. Sad really. This is a top-notch, grade-A actor who’s given some of the most phenomenal performances in her career. Understanding that Hollywood demands youth and perfection, I find it hard to believe that every role out there demands a flawless 20 year old in it. There’s something to be said for the maturity and experience that an older actor brings to a role. I enjoy a good movie where the leading lady isn’t always primped and curled and ready for her close-up. Those little lines and wrinkles make her real and her performance should speak for itself.

I recently saw a “ragazine” claiming that a more mature celeb spent some unbelievable amount of money to remake her body not only to revive her career but also to prove that she’s attractive enough for her hubby, 15 years her junior. If she needs all of that cosmetic surgery to be successful in both her professional and personal life, something is very wrong not only with her but with our society. What drives women, and sometimes men, to alter themselves to such a degree for the approval of others?

I find it disheartening that as I grow older, I too might be expected to “refresh” my looks; that my future success might depend on it. Beauty may only be skin deep but if it should wane, and it probably will, it seems there’s always a little something that can be done about it.


  1. Diane Lane is my favorite. She is 3 years older than you. She doesn't need "refreshing" and you won't either in 3 or even 30 years. A mature woman who maintains her mind will outclass any 20-year-old. Need to hear more?

  2. This is probably the best comment so far! I love Diane Lane too. I would love for her to play me in the movie about my life :)

  3. Someone has to write the screenplay...


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